One Day University presents nearly 100 events annually, starring some of the country's most remarkable and engaging professors. These events take place in many different cities across the country, but not everywhere. We believe that location shouldn't stop you from experiencing what these amazing professors have to offer, and that's why we have created our One Day University video channel.

All of the videos are filmed at our live events, so they're full of energy. Plus, the Q&A sessions at the end of most talks allow for some unscripted thinking on the part of the professor and quite often lead to some truly memorable moments. Below are clips from recent One Day U talks.

The Four Most Powerful People in the World
William Burke-White
University of Pennsylvania

The Science of Happiness
Catherine Sanderson
Amherst College

We hope you'll join us, both in person and on the web. One Day University offers you a chance go back to college, but with no homework or exams. Just for the pure joy of lifetime learning.

We host live events all over the country with anywhere from 1 to 12 professors.

We film these events, which generates hundreds of hours of fascinating, thought-provoking content.

You get unlimited, uninterrupted access to these inspiring talks whenever and wherever you want.

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