One Day University┬« brings together professors from the finest universities in the country to present special versions of their very best lectures – LIVE.


Our History

One Day University was founded by Steven Schragis in 2006. He came up with the idea after he dropped his daughter at college in upstate New York to start her freshman year. The school had about a dozen professors spread around campus giving short talks about a variety of subjects. All the parents had a great time and had the same reaction: “I wish I were the one going to college!”


Our Professors

Every university has a few professors who are wildly popular. At One Day U, we work closely with these professors to develop the most engaging talks that inform and inspire our adult “students-for-a-day.” The professors who teach at One Day U have won countless teaching awards and earned the highest possible ratings from their students on campus. Now, they travel across the country with One Day University to educate and entertain students of all ages, not just “traditional” college students.


Our Students

The men and women who come together at One Day U understand that learning is a rewarding lifelong process, not a chore that ended on the day they received their diploma.
Our students feel like a day spent learning with fascinating professors, and being surrounded by a community of like-minded people is a day well-spent. Most One Day U students have been to several events – returning again and again to learn about new subjects. Best of all, at One Day U there are no grades, no tests, no homework – just the pure joy of lifelong learning!


Live Events

One Day University hosts 80-100 live events in over 45 markets across the country. The format of the event may vary – full-day, morning only, evening only – but they always feature fascinating professors who absolutely love to teach. And they always attract hundreds of people who absolutely love to learn.

Video Library

When One Day University began, we only focused on live events. As more and more people began to attend the events, we kept hearing the same comments:

“You should film these, I’d love to watch it again later.”

“My brother lives in Sweden and can’t make it to the live events, but he would love to watch these talks.”

“I saw that you had Professor Schwartz in Philadelphia, but I live in Phoenix now. Can I watch his presentation?”

Well, we decided to do something about it. We have been filming many of our events and now have hundreds online lectures to choose from in our library. Take a look around. We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love.

Sponsor One Day University

One Day University students are a remarkable group of educated, engaged people who absolutely love to learn. We have a nationwide footprint and partnerships with over 50 major media companies.
To learn more about how you can partner with One Day University to get your brand in front of this amazing audience, please contact Kevin Brennan – [email protected].