Maintaining Your Immune Health Today in the Face of COVID-19 and Future Pathogens

Why are adults over 55 especially vulnerable to pathogens like the coronavirus? As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, this question motivates consumers, doctors, and researchers alike.

In this webinar designed for the general public, a team of world-renowned MDs will review how immune health makes older adults more vulnerable to COVID-19 and other pathogens, and will also offer evidence-backed suggestions for what you can do to promote healthy aging and boost your immune health.

Hosted by the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR), this free, one-hour webinar will explore:

  • What is it about immune aging that makes older adults so vulnerable to COVID-19
  • How aging processes can impact the severity of viruses and other diseases
  • How exercise, nutrition and other lifestyle factors can improve your immune health
  • What treatments show promise to bolster our immune defenses against COVID-19

A Q&A will follow, offering attendees an exclusive opportunity to ask leading experts about the science of immune health and aging.

Moderated by:

Nir Barzilai, MD
AFAR Scientific Director.
Director, Institute for Aging Research, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.



Featuring Presentations by:

George Kuchel, MD, FRCP, AGSF
Travelers Chair in Geriatrics and Gerontology, Professor of Medicine,
Director, University of Connecticut Center on Aging, and Chief of Geriatric Medicine, UConn Health. AFAR National Scientific Advisory Council (NSAC).


Janet Lord, Birmingham, FMedSci
Professor, Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, Director of the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, University of Birmingham, UK.
2014 Glenn Foundation for Medical Research Award recipient.

About AFAR:

AFAR is a national non-profit organization that supports and advances pioneering biomedical research that is revolutionizing how we live healthier and longer. For nearly four decades, AFAR has served as the field’s talent incubator, providing more than $181 million to more than 4,200 investigators at premier research institutions nationwide. A trusted leader and strategist, AFAR also works with public and private funders to steer high quality grant programs and interdisciplinary research networks. AFAR-funded researchers are finding that modifying basic cellular processes can delay—or even prevent—many chronic diseases, often at the same time. They are discovering that it is never too late—or too early—to improve health. This groundbreaking science is paving the way for innovative new therapies that promise to improve and extend our quality of life—at any age.  Learn more at or follow AFARorg on Twitter and Facebook.

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