Digital Events


Live Streamed events are broadcast from our professors’ offices, living rooms, kitchens, or wherever they are spending their time during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Once the lecture and live Q&A have ended, a copy of the video is put into the Video Library.


Our Membership program offers full access to our constantly-growing video library, which includes one new live-streamed course every weekday, for as long as you remain a Member. You can see our upcoming Live Stream schedule to see what’s going to be added soon.


The Video Library is an archive of all of the live events we have recorded, and they are available for viewing at any time.

Digital Events by One Day University 

At One Day U, we believe that you should learn something new every single day. That is why we created our digital events, fascinating live talks and online video lectures with professors from all over the country – 5 days a week. During our daily digital events, you will be able to tune in and join live streams from America’s Best Professors such as Leon Botstein, Joseph Luzzi, Kara Cooney, Scott Galloway, and many more. Whether you are interested in broadening your horizons in topics such as history, politics, the arts, or simply looking to learn something new, you will be sure to find a captivating lecture from our digital events library. 

Become a One Day U member for only $8.95 a month and enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of digital events about historypsychology, the artsbusiness, and much more! Sign up today