(POSTPONED: NEW DATE TBD) China, Russia, and The European Union: What’s Next and Why? (NYC)

Sunday, April 19, 2020 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
China, Russia, and The European Union: What's Next (and why)?

Steven Lamy / University of Southern California

What happens when the peace and prosperity provided by US leadership after the Cold War goes away? This talk explores two simple questions. Are we headed for a new period of great power rivalry? And who will lead? We will explore the growth of China's economic interests and its global reach through its economic investments. We will also look at Russia's return to great power status and the security challenges it presents to the rest of the world. Finally, even with Brexit, the EU remains a formidable group of 27 countries that is refocusing it's attention on a more purposeful foreign and defense policy strategy.

For the western powers whose order has prevailed since the end of WW2, both China and Russia present existential challenges. With a nationalist in the White House, not interested in foreign policy and dismissive of international cooperation and institutions, the EU may have to save what is left of the liberal international order. What does this uncertainty about the future of world order mean for all us?

Steven Lamy / University of Southern California

Steven Lamy is a professor of international relations and a Vice Dean at the University of Southern California. He has been named professor of the year four times. Professor Lamy was the director of USC’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and its Center for Public Education in International Affairs. He is also the co-Principal Investigator in a Luce Foundation Grant on Religion Identity and Global Governance.