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The Science Of Sleep: Everything You Need To Know But Were Too Tired To Ask

April 25, 2015 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM


9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Everything You Must Know About Sleep (But were too tired to ask)

James Maas / Cornell University

This dynamic presentation, humorous and yet seriously helpful, is sure to wake you up and enhance the quality of your life. Most of us are sleep deprived, causing reduced concentration, productivity and quality of performance, as well as an increase in moodiness, stress, accidents, illness and shortened life span. Several leading Fortune 100 companies medical associations and professional sports teams, are learning from Dr. Maas that it is neither “macho” nor smart to operate on less than your required amount of sleep. In fact, recent medical research proves that sleep deprivation literally “makes you stupid, clumsy, stressed out, unhealthy and will shorten your life.”


You will learn the serious consequences of sleep deprivation for thinking, performance, health and lifespan. Find out how you, your children and grandchildren can become better scholars and athletes literally overnight. Know how to conquer bouts of insomnia. And learn the golden rules and sure-fire sleep strategies that will assure you a great night's sleep. Rest assured that the information provided in this presentation will increase your daytime alertness, psychological mood, productivity, creativity, athletic skill, health and quality of life.

James Maas / Cornell University
Professor Maas has produced numerous film specials on sleep research for PBS, BBC, and others. For his teaching, Maas has received the American Psychological Association's Distinguished Teaching Award and Cornell's Clark Award for Distinguished Teaching. For over forty years, he taught Psychology 101 (now called Psych 1101) at Cornell. The class achieved a "near-mythical status" and often has an enrollment of nearly 1600 students, making it one of the largest classes in the country. The class size required a large venue, Bailey Hall, the university's concert hall. He retired on December 31, 2011.

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