One Day University Short Film Festival (Portland, OR)

Sunday, November 11, 2018 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Did you ever watch the Academy Awards when they were presenting the Best Live Action Short Film or Best Short Animation Oscars and ask yourself "where are these films, and why haven't I seen any of them?" This unique and entertaining event features 10 films that have won Academy Awards or Best of Show honors from such festivals as Sundance, New York, Chicago, Berlin, Melbourne and South by Southwest.
This special event has been curated for One Day University by renowned short film expert Douglas LeClaire, who teaches Movie and Television Production at the School for Visual Arts in New York City. Students will vote for a winner who will receive their prize the following week.
1.  "Bridget" (2:00) Director: David Eisenberg & Kaela Wohl, NYC.
  • Finalist: TropFest USA! 
  • Finalist: Seattle International Film Festival
2. "The Tailor" (6:00) Director: Gordon Grinberg, New York City.
  • Winner: Best Short Film – Litchfield Hills Film Festival
  • Accepted at: New York Short Film Festival, LA Comedy Shorts Festival, Asbury Short Film Concert, NYC, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Toronto and United Kingdom Jewish Film Festivals
3.  "Do I have to Take Care of Everything?" (8:00) Director: Selma Vilhunen, Finland.
  • Winner: Best Comedy Short Film – Aspen Shorts Festival
  • Nominated: Best Live Action Short Film – 86th Academy Awards
4.  "ASAD" (18:00) Director: Bryan Buckley, LA.
  • Winner: Best Short Film – New Orleans, Los Angeles, Austin, Florida Film Festivals
  • Nominated: Best Live Action Short Film – 85th Academy Awards
5. "Drawcard" (6:59) Directors: Antonio Orena-Barlin, Australia. 
  • Winner: 2016 LA Comedy Shorts Festival Audience Award. 
  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut!
6. "Super Powers" (7:00) Directors: Jeremy Kipp Walker & J. Anderson Mitchell, USA.
  • Special Jury Prize: Tribeca Film Festival
  • Audience Favorite: Austin Film Festival
  • Audience Favorite: AFI Dallas
7. "Bob" (3:10) Animators: Harry Fast & Jacob Frey, Germany.  
  • Multinational Festival Honoree. 
  • A hamster runs around the globe to catch up with the love of his life.
8.  "A Poet Long Ago" (14:00) Director: Bob Giraldi, NYC.
  • Winner: Best Narrative Short Film – The Garden State Film Festival
  • Starring: Steve Schirripa (HBO's "The Sopranos") and Boris McGiver (Netflix "House of Cards," HBO's "The Wire")
9.  "The Gunfighter" (8:45) Director: Eric Kissack, Los Angeles.
  • A raucous and raunchy spoof of the old West saloon fights. Narrated by Nick Offerman (NBC's "Parks & Recreation")
  • Winner: Jury Award for Best Comedy Short Film – American Short Film Festival
  • Winner: Audience Award for Best Short Film – Los Angeles Film Festival
10.  "Tanghi Argentini" (13:00) Director: Guido Thys, Belgium.
  • A timid office clerk has found love on the internet. Now he must learn to become an expert tango dancer….in two weeks time! 
  • Nominated: Best Live Action Short Film – 80th Academy Awards
  • Winner: Audience Award – Aspen Shorts Fest
  • Winner: Audience Award – Florida Film Festival