Unlocking the Secrets of Four Famous Paintings

with Dr. Tina Ryan

Unlocking the Secrets of Four Famous Paintings

Premium Program | $69

Virtual Livestream Event
Part 1 – August 24th, 7:00 – 8:30 PM EDT
Part 2 – August 25th, 7:00 – 8:30 PM EDT


Presented by: Dr. Tina Ryan / Albright-Knox Art Gallery (Formerly of Columbia University)

Some artworks have become so famous that it is hard to actually see them—and not just because of the crowds. When standing in front of them, we tend to focus only on their fame: as we recall the many reproductions we have seen throughout our lifetime, we can only marvel that we are now standing in front of the “real deal” (which we document with a snapshot, of course!).

This Premium Program offers an in-depth guide to four of the most famous artworks ever made, focusing on what made them so famous in the first place. Although centuries old, these paintings continue to inspire artists and draw visitors to Europe’s greatest cities. Even if you don’t consider yourself an art lover, you can’t fully understand Western culture and its history without them.

The course will be taught by art historian and curator Dr. Tina Ryan. Although she has been lecturing with One Day University for a decade, Dr. Ryan has never spoken before about these masterpieces—until now! The extended format of the Premium Program will allow her to give these paintings the attention they deserve, placing them into the context of each artist’s career and the larger history of art. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear her informative, accessible interpretations of these iconic works.

About the Professor

An art historian by training, Dr. Tina Ryan is currently Assistant Curator of contemporary art at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York. She holds a BA from Harvard, three Master’s Degrees, and a PhD from Columbia, and has taught classes on art at institutions including the Museum of Modern Art, the Pratt Institute, and Columbia, where she was one of the top-ranked instructors of the introduction to art history, “Art Humanities: Masterpieces of Western Art.” A regular critic for Artforum, her writing has also appeared in periodicals such as Art in America and Art Journal, and in catalogs published by museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Walker Art Center. As a public speaker and scholar, Dr. Ryan has delivered lectures on topics ranging from Michelangelo to Warhol in more than 50 cities internationally.

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