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Below you’ll find answers to many questions. If your question is not answered by our FAQ and you need assistance, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll assist you right away.

One Day University

What exactly is One Day University?

One Day University is a community of learners who think that every day you learn something new is a good day. At One Day University, we find the most interesting and entertaining professors from the country’s most prestigious universities and ask them to share their most fascinating talks with our members.  So whether you’re interested in Lincoln’s leadership, the science of aging or how to watch movies like a film professor — we have the perfect video for you.

What is Curiosity Stream?

In May 2021, One Day University was acquired by Curiosity Stream ( We are excited to join forces with a company that offers an amazing library of award-winning documentaries.

About Curiosity Stream

Launched by media visionary John Hendricks who also founded The Discovery Channel, Curiosity Stream is the award-winning destination for documentary series and features covering every topic from space exploration to adventure to the secret life of pets.

Whether you want to explore Mars or travel back to ancient civilizations, Curiosity Stream adds new binge-worthy films and series each week, empowering you to dive deep into your favorite subjects and explore new territory sure to entertain, enlighten and inspire.

How often do you add new content?

We bring new lectures to you every weekday (or close to it)! That’s nearly 5 a week or 260 a year.

How does One Day University decide which professors to work with?

One Day University spent the last twelve years finding the most popular professors at (150 and counting!) of the country’s most prestigious universities, including; Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Columbia, Stanford and many others.  All of the professors we work with are award-winning teachers who are recognized by their students and peers for their ability to inspire and engage. As a result, our lectures are as entertaining as they are informative.

When will live events come back? I miss them!

We are very excited to announce the return of live events in the early fall of 2021. To see if we are coming to your city, click here.

I'd like to suggest a professor, can I do that?

Do you know of someone you’d love to hear speak? Are they a professor at a university? Do they talk about an interesting topic? Great! Simply write to us at [email protected] with their name (and ideally a link to them giving a lecture) and our talent staff will work to fit them into the schedule.

Can I order a One Day University Subscription as a gift?

Of course! Part of the fun of college was learning with friends. Simply go to our Gift Certificate page and order your friends an Annual Membership with One Day University. Your friends will thank you when they receive their gift!


How does the Free Trial work?

We have recently begun offering new subscribers a two week free trial to allow them to sample our live video talks and watch any of the 400+ recorded lectures in our video library.  We require a credit card to start your free trial, but you can cancel anytime and will not be charged if you cancel within the two-week free trial period.

What types of memberships do you offer?

We offer monthly, annual and two-year memberships. You can find additional details here.

How many videos do I get access to with my Free Trial?

During your free trial you get access to our entire video library (almost 400 talks), as well as access to our daily live streamed lectures.  We stream a new video every weekday at 4 pm ET, and that video is added to our video library so you can view it at anytime. 

How do I subscribe to the Weekend Scholar Newsletter?

The Weekend Scholar is our new Sunday newsletter highlighting a recent popular One Day University course and showing what is coming up next week at ODU. We often share free clips, special events, and let our subscribers know about limited time deals or other One Day U perks. If you’re interested in subscribing, click here

I have received a Gift Membership, how do I redeem it?

Please click here and follow the instructions on that page to redeem your Annual Membership.

I'd like to purchase a Gift Membership. How can I do that?

Giving the gift of education is a great thing! Please click here to learn more about gifting a One Day University Annual Subscription.


Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. We work with many groups including Senior Living Communities, Corporations, Churches, Synagogues and many others. If you think your group might enjoy One Day University, please contact us here.


How do I cancel my membership?

Go to My Account in the top navigation menu on the One Day University website. Click Subscriptions, click View on your active Subscription. You should then see the option to change your payment card or to cancel your subscription.

I have a Coupon Code or Gift Certificate, how do I use it when registering for Membership?

If you have a Coupon Code: Select your desired membership tier. On the left side of the checkout screen, below the product listing, there should be a box which reads Coupon Code. Enter your code in the appropriate box, and then click the red arrow right next to it. Be sure to click UPDATE CART, then click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Your total should then reflect the final amount to be paid after discounts, as well as the first date payment will be processed.

I followed the steps above and my Gift Certificate doesn't work!

Please visit this page and complete the steps laid out on the page.

My credit card expired, how do I update my billing information?
Click My Account in the top navigation menu on our website to get to your account page. You will be prompted to sign in at that time if you are not already. To view your subscription information, select Subscriptions. Select View next to your active Subscription. You should then see the option to change your payment card.
How do I view my payment history and when my next payment is?

Go to My Account in the top navigation menu on the One Day University website. Click Orders. You will then see the full list of transactions with One Day University on your account. You can view your next payment date by clicking Subscriptions and looking under the column, Next Payment.

Oops! I accidentally cancelled my membership, how do I reactivate it?

Go to My Account the to Subscriptions, click View, then Reactivate.

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