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(Short highlights from our most popular talks)

The 5 Most Powerful People in the World
William Burke-White / U Penn

The Science of Sleep and Stress
Jessica Payne / Notre Dame

The Mind of Abraham Lincoln
Louis Masur / Rutgers

The Beatles, The 6o’s and Popular Culture
Jeremy Yudkin / Boston University

The The Human Brain
Heather Berlin / Icahn School Mt. Sinai

Rating The Presidents
Robert Watson / Lynn University

The Science of Happiness
Catherine Sanderson / Amherst College

The Fascinating and Terrifying Future of Medicine FDR
Jacob Appel / Brown University

The Political Genius FDR
Jeffrey Engel / SMU

Four Memorable Musicals
Sean Hartley / Kaufman Music Center

The Shifting Lens of History
Stephanie Yuhl / Holy Cross

The Art of Aging
Brian Carpenter / Washington U in St. Louis

Why Americans Think Congress is not Careful with their Tax Dollars
Wendy Schiller / Brown University

From Page to Stage: How Books Transform into Musicals
Sean Hartley / Kauffman Music Center

The Story of America in Film
Marc Lapadula / Yale University

The Future of the Presidency
Sam Potolicchio / Georgetown University


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