American Presidents: The Best, the Worst, and All the Rest – Part II (Premium Program)


American Presidents: The Best, the Worst, and All the Rest

Robert Watson / Lynn University – $45 for the single class.

May 22nd 3 – 5 PM EDT

A link for viewing will be sent to you 1 day before the class.

American Presidents

U.S. presidents are evaluated in many ways, and this fascinating, timely and unique part program will discuss nearly all of them. In the first class, we discussed how ranking polls are constructed and what they tend to value and why. In this part of the program, we’ll discuss some of the best and worst presidents, and their reactions to crises that determine their current rankings.

About the Professor: American Presidents

Robert Watson is an award-winning author, professor, historian, and analyst for numerous media outlets. He has published over forty books on history and politics, five works of fiction, and hundreds of scholarly journal articles, book chapters, and reference essays. He also serves as the series editor for the scholarly book anthology on the American presidency published by the State University of New York and as the editor of The American Presidents and American First Ladies. He serves as a distinguished Professor of American History, Avron Fogelman Eminent Research Professor, and Director of Project Civitas at Lynn University and as Senior Fellow at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship.

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