Presidential Leadership – Seminar (Premium Course)


June 1, 2020 – 5:30PM – 6:30PM – Zoom Room 1

SMU Professor Jeffrey Engel has long been one of our keenest observers of the modern presidency, and on June 1st he’ll lead a fascinating and instructive account of the presidential qualities that have served well and poorly in the Oval Office, beginning with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first hundred days. This limited access discussion group will survey each president’s political skill, vision, cognitive style, organizational capacity, ability to communicate, and emotional intelligence–that last quality may be the most important in predicting presidential success.

NOTES: One Day University Members can save $20.00 USD on registration for this seminar by using their Membership code at Checkout.  Zoom meeting information will be sent to all registered attendees 2 hours prior to the beginning of class.

Jeffrey Engel / Southern Methodist University Jeffrey Engel is the founding director of the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University. He has taught at Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, Haverford College, and taught history and public policy at Texas A&M University. He has authored/edited eight books on American foreign policy, most recently, “When the World Seemed New: George H. Bush and the Surprisingly Peaceful End of the Cold War.”

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