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ONE DAY UNIVERSITY brings together professors from the finest universities in the country to present special versions of their very best lectures – LIVE. Every university has a few professors who are wildly popular. At One Day University, we work closely with these professors to develop the most engaging talks that inform and inspire our adult “students-for-a-day.” Our professors have won countless teaching awards and earned the highest possible ratings from their students on campus. Now, you too can engage with these professors for a truly unique and exhilarating day. At One Day U there are no grades, no tests, no homework — just the pure joy of lifelong learning!


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William Burke-White / Penn

What is Power?
In this excerpt from a talk called, "The Most Powerful People in the World," Professor Burke-White sets the stage by defining "power" in its various forms.

6 min
Caroline Winterer / Stanford

How Most Americans Think about the "American Accent"
In this clip, Stanford Professor, Caroline Winterer explains the origins of the American Accent and how they're not quite what we all think.

2 min
Robert Watson / Lynn University

Rating the Presidents
History Professor Robert Watson outlines the criteria for determining who are the best U.S. Presidents.

1 Min
multiple professors

Race in America
Three renowned professors approach Race in America from different angles in this often contentious panel event.

1 Min
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Live Events

With over 150/year in over 50 cities across the U.S. and Canada, there are plenty of opportunities to see some of the most fascinating professors discussing some of the most engaging topics, LIVE in a city near you. The places are different, the topics and professors are different, but what is always the same is that you will learn something AND have a great time.

Live Streaming

Can't make it to a Live Event? No problem. Each month, we broadcast live from one of our events around the country. Tune in while you're on a train, at your office, or even lying in bed. We think it's best with a group of friends so that you can learn and discuss together. Whatever you decide, you'll experience One Day U as if you were there in person.

Video Library

Many of our events are recorded for our Video Library. Unlike the Live Streaming events that happen at a specific time, the Video Library allows you to view the content you want on-demand whenever fits your schedule. The Video Library is packed with over 100 of our best talks and we continue to add more every month.

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