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Category : History and Politics

1968: The Extraordinary Events of a Memorable Year

6000 Years of Religion

A 400 Year History of Religion in America

A Different America: How Our Country Has Changed From 1969 Through Today

A Jewish Founding Father? Alexander Hamilton's Hidden Life

American Democracy: Where are We Now?

American Immigration: Fear, Myth, and Reality

American Power: Dominance or Decline? An Insider's Look at Global Developments

America's Founders: What We Know Now

FDR and the Evolution of an American Ideal

FDR: The Making of the American Century

Five Turning Points in American History

Four Trials That Changed the World

Free Speech Revisited: Provocative Views of the First Amendment

Free Speech: The First Amendment in Crisis

Hamilton vs. Jefferson: The Rivalry That Shaped America

Harry Truman: Conflict and Crisis

How America Went Haywire

Learning From The Roman Empire: Are we Repeating Their Rise and Decline?

Leonardo da Vinci: The Man Who Invented the Future

Lincoln Before The War

Living and Dying in America: The Politics of Healthcare

Men, Women and Politics: A World of Difference

National Security vs. Privacy: The Inside Story of The Pentagon Papers

Our Broken Two Party System: Can American Politics be Fixed?

Our Five Greatest Presidents (and our three worst)

Race in America: A Country Divided

Running From Office: What Keeps Women from Running for Office?

Shifting World Powers: New Alliances in Uncertain Times

The American Revolution: Remarkable Stories You've Never Heard Before

The Changing Face of Politics: Approaching 2020

The China Challenge: Where Are We Headed?

The Civil War and Abraham Lincoln: What's Fact and What's Fiction?

The Constitution Revisited: An Alternative Look at America's Founding Document

The Five Most Powerful People in the World

The Four Greatest Strategic Military Thinkers in History

The History of New York in 15 Buildings

The History of New York in Twenty Objects

The Legacy of Frederick Douglass

The Middle East Today: Whose Land is it Anyway?

The Mind of Abraham Lincoln

The Political Genius of Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Politics of Islam: The Good, the Bad and the Future

The Presidents vs. The Press

The Remarkable Genius of Benjamin Franklin

The Restless Genius of Benjamin Franklin

The Rise and Decline of The American Presidency

The Shifting Lens of History

The Spice Trade: Food as a Driving Force of Global History

The Supreme Court: What's Next?

The Supreme Court: What's Next? (an up-to-the-minute presentation)

The Woman Who Ruled the World (3500 Years Ago)

U.S. Presidential Debates: Why We Watch and Why They Matter

Understanding America Through Four Remarkable Photographs

Unexplained History: What Historians Still Don't Understand

What Makes a Great Jewish Leader? From Moses to Modern Israel

What The Founding Fathers Were Really Like (and what we can learn from them today)

What Would the Founding Fathers Think of America Today?

Women of the American Revolution

America in WWI: What Really Happened, and Why it Matters

WWII: Surprising Stories You Never Learned in History Class

The Constitution: Enduring Myths and Hidden Truths

What's Wrong With Congress? Can an 18th Century Structure Still Work?

The New Cold War: Russia and the U.S. (What Went Wrong?)

When Weather Changed the Course of History

How the 1960s Shaped American Politics Today

American Jews: Where Are We Now?

Six People Who Built America

Presidential Election 2020: Where Are We Headed?

The Political Genius of FDR and LBJ

The Life and Myth of George Washington

The Civil War in 15 Objects

The Presidency Emerges: From Washington to Lincoln

The Future of the Presidency