2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends Will Reshape the Future of Everything

Mauro F. Guillén

Professor Mauro Guillén, a professor of international management at the Wharton School, examines recent economic shifts and technological advances in order to predict how the world might look a decade from now. Addressing contemporary crises such as climate change and economic inequality will require “lateral thinking” that approaches a problem from multiple angles and tests numerous solutions.  Agricultural advances might curtail hunger in Africa, where a rising middle class will impact worldwide consumer trends. He also examines how cryptocurrencies might sabotage the banking industry, predicts an uptick in wealth for Asian countries, and offers a carefully reasoned discussion of both the positive and negative potential repercussions of increased automation. A sharp, well-informed analysis of present-day trends and future outcomes provides valuable insights to investors, business owners, and policy makers, and almost everyone else!