Can Creativity Be Taught? The Science Behind Imagination

Shelley Carson – Harvard University

Human creativity, sometimes rising to the level of genius, is essential to our ability to survive and thrive as a species. In the arts it enriches our lives, transforms our moods, and transmits culture from generation to generation, while in the sciences it improves our health and living conditions, and opens the worlds of outer space and inner space to our scrutiny and amazement. In addition, in our business and personal lives  it allows us to stay competitive and adds breadth to our everyday experiences. But where do genius and creativity come from? Is it determined by our genes? Can it be taught and enhanced?

In this talk, Dr. Carson will take you inside the brain to glimpse the creative process. She will describe some of the fascinating findings from neuroscience and molecular biology that are revealing the mysteries of creativity, genius and imagination. You will learn how we can use information gleaned from the lives of "mad" geniuses to enhance our own unique expression of creativity. You will also participate in creativity-evoking exercises and receive valuable tips for amping up your creative life.