Classic Author Series: Philip Roth and the Art of Fiction

Joseph Luzzi – Bard College

Philip Roth & The American Pastoral

The name Philip Roth conjures up images of spellbinding narratives about the quest for the American dream, the strivings of American immigrant families, and the quest for meaning in a modern world often ruled by the wish for money and power. In this brand new presentation, Comparative Literature Professor Joseph Luzzi will guide participants through some of the key works in Roth’s remarkably productive career, with a focus on his late masterpiece, American Pastoral from 1997. This Pulitzer Prize winning novel focuses on the life of Seymour “the Swede” Levov, a prominent Jewish-American business and former high school athlete whose golden life crumbles when his politically radical daughter challenges all he stands for amid the dramatic upheavals of American life in the 1960s.


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