Enhancing Creativity: How to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation

Shelley Carson – Harvard University

Creativity can improve your mood and your overall well-being, psychologists have known that for many decades. But what is creativity? Can you become more creative? According to Harvard Professor Shelley Carson, the answer is definitely yes.
Neuroscience research indicates that there are two creative brain states. One handles problem solving, planning, and reasoning. You use this “pathway” when you’re actively focused on a problem or task. Your other pathway comes into play during idea incubation, immersion, and free association. You’re quite often in this brain state: when you’re sleeping, in the shower, in a boring meeting, or when your mind is wandering. You can train yourself to switch your brain state according to your task, or you can structure your tasks to take advantage of your current brain state. These are just two of the techniques that you’ll learn in this brand new online class.