Entrepreneurship: How to Launch a Mission-Driven Company and Succeed

Barry Nalebuff – Yale University School of Management

Is there an entrepreneur in you? How can you figure out if a hole in the market is an opportunity or a black hole that will suck you in and kill you? To answer this question, we'll show how to apply the lean start up approach. We'll help you estimate the size of a market that doesn't yet exist. We'll discuss tools for getting known when you have no money to advertise. And we'll help you avoid ending up being the test market for large firms with much bigger budgets. The goal is to help guide you in building the venture of your dreams-or perhaps help you realize this isn't the right project to pursue. 

Barry Nalebuff, Milton Steinbach Professor at Yale School of Management doesn't just teach entrepreneurship—he's done it. Together with his cofounder and former student Seth Goldman, he grew Honest Tea from five thermoses to more than a 100 million bottles a year. Learn the mistakes to avoid, the economic principles to follow, the personal stories of the start-up, the near-death experiences, and the ultimate success of Honest Tea. Most importantly, the lessons from Honest Tea will show how you don't need to sacrifice your ideals to build a successful company.