Four Foreign Film Masterpieces

Bard College

Joseph Luzzi (PhD, Yale) is Professor of Comparative Literature and Faculty Member in Italian Studies at Bard College, and he taught previously at the University of Pennsylvania. His work has appeared in The New York Times, TLS, The London Times, the Guardian, Chronicle of Higher Education, and on National Public Radio. Dr. Luzzi’s awards include a Yale College Teaching Prize, Dante Society of America Essay Prize, and Wallace Fellowship at Villa I Tatti, Harvard’s Center for Italian Renaissance Studies. He is the author of five books and recently created The Virtual Book Club: an international community of readers dedicated to exploring major literary works past and present.



Great Foreign Films

Of the thousands of great foreign films that have been made, which four should every movie buff see? Professor Joseph Luzzi has selected: La Dolce Vita (Director: Fellini, Italy), Fanny and Alexander (Director: Bergman, Sweden), Jules and Jim (Director: Truffaut, France) and Ran (Director: Kurosawa, Japan). What makes these works so enjoyable and meaningful? What qualities mark them as masterpieces? This portion of the presentation will explore with audiences the remarkable world of foreign cinema.


Learn More About Some Of The Best Foreign Films Of All Time

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