From Page to Stage: How Books and Ideas Transform into Musicals

Kaufman Music Center

Sean Hartley is the director at the Kaufman Music Center’s Theater Wing,  He is the Producer/Host of Broadway Close Up as well as Broadway Playhouse. Sean is also a playwright, composer, and lyricist.


From Page To Stage

Have you ever wondered how text can transform into a song or musical scene? This process is called ‘Page to Stage’, which means to adapt literature into scripts for the theater.

Most of Broadway’s greatest musicals started out in another art form: Before South Pacific, the musical, there was James Michener’s Tales of the South Pacific. Before Man of La Mancha, there was Don Quixote.


Books That Are Also Plays Or Musicals

In this concert, From Page to Stage, we will explore how the words on a page become a song or a musical scene, and how one medium expresses a thought as opposed to another. In addition to the musicals mentioned above, we will explore other classic Broadway musicals and their sources. Selections are not set yet, but among those being considered are:

  • Smiles of a Summer Night/A Little Night Music
  • Guys and Dolls/The Idyll of Sarah Brown
  • Fiddler on the Roof/Tevye and His Daughters
  • My Fair Lady/Pygmalion; Carousel/Liliom
  • West Side Story/West Side Story
  • Rent/La Boheme
  • Hamilton/Hamilton; Annie/Little Orphan Annie
  • Oliver!/Oliver Twist
  • The Wild Party/The Wild Party/The Wild Party. Musical direction by Greg Jarrett.

Learn More About Page To Stage

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