History of the Art Museum: Looking Back 200 Years

Tina Rivers Ryan
Tina Rivers Ryan
Albright-Knox Art Gallery (Buffalo), Formerly Columbia University

An art historian by training, Dr. Tina Rivers Ryan is currently Assistant Curator of contemporary art at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York. She holds a BA from Harvard, three master’s Degrees, and a PhD from Columbia, and has taught classes on art at institutions including the Museum of Modern Art, the Pratt Institute, and Columbia University, where she was one of the top-ranked instructors of the introduction to art history, “Art Humanities: Masterpieces of Western Art.” A regular critic for Artforum, her writing has also appeared in periodicals such as Art in America and Art Journal, and in catalogs published by museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Walker Art Center. 



Encore Presentation

(Includes Live Professor Q & A!)


Art museums as we know them today didn’t always exist. In this talk, Dr. Tina Rivers Ryan will tell the story of how art museums evolved over hundreds of years, and propose how they might continue evolving in the near future.



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Merla Beckerman

Ryan always gives a superb presentation.
This was no exception. Thank you!

2 days ago
Jane Touchet

I learned a lot in this class. Thanks for making it so interesting!

2 days ago
Marc Tanenbaum

A Fascinating Exposition on Art & Art Museums

Tina does a wonderful job in her lecture and in her Q&A explaining the history of the art museum and on developing an eye for art. Thank you.

2 days ago
Hans Bleiker

It’s very easy to listen to Tina Rivers Ryan’s presentation. One gets the feeling she has a wealth of information. It’s wonderful to learn about a subject I’m not engaged with on a daily basis.

2 days ago
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