Music and the Brain: Why We Like What We Like

Aniruddh Patel – Tufts University

11/05/2020 4:00 pm

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Why do we listen to music? What does it do for us? Why do we choose to listen to the types of music—classical, rock, jazz, country, etc.—that
we do? This presentation will introduce you to the reception, processing, and emotional response to music that we all experience in the brain, each in our own way. We have done this since birth, indeed, even before birth! But is our response to music natural and universal? Or is it cultural, a reflection of where we grew up and the kind of music that we heard at home? This lecture will ask us to consider that the music of different composers may be processed differently in the brain; country music one way, Bach in another, and Beethoven in yet another. Why do we cry when we hear one piece, yet dance when we hear another?  And the ultimate personal question: what music do you want to hear in your final, dying moments?