Reduce Stress at Home and Work: A Lifesaving Workshop

Andrew Shatte – University of Arizona

Have you been feeling tired lately? Headaches, backaches? On edge and quick to anxiety, anger, or frustration? Feeling a little 'blah' about your job or even your life? If yes, then you're probably stressed. And you're not alone. The World Health Organization has declared stress the epidemic of the twentieth century. 54% of Americans have stress so severe it's making them physically ill, and one million of us are absent from work each day due to stress. But we don't need to take stress lying down. 
Andrew Shatté, Professor at the University of Arizona and a Brookings Institution fellow, has developed a proven solution to help us better manage our stress that hundreds of thousands of people are using daily with great success. In this lively, fun, and interactive workshop, he will guide us on a journey through the 24 factors that mire us in stress or buffer us from it, from our thoughts, emotions, physical health, life events, and even our sense of values, meaning, and purpose. He will share 7 easy-to-use skills that will completely change the way you think about stress and your response to it for a more balanced, positive, and happier life.