Strategic Thinking and Thinking Big

Jeremi Suri – University of Texas

How To Develop Big Picture Thinking: From Tactical To Strategic Thinking

Leaders frequently suffer from tactical overload. They confront a barrage of daily crises, meetings, and other demands on their time. They rarely have time to think beyond their inbox. They rarely have the freedom for creativity. This lecture will provide an explanation for why leaders need big picture thinking and must break out of this tactical straight-jacket, and it will offer a system for doing just that. Drawing on insights from historical thinking, this lecture will provide a series of concepts and tools for leaders to implement as they strive to think strategically, rather than tactically. The lecture will offer concrete methods and examples of how successful leaders have looked beyond the crises of the moment to push their organizations toward bigger and more important goals. Historical perspective offers the dynamic impetus for long-term success and creativity that all leaders require.


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