Tea Time: Exploring the World's Most Popular Drink

Kim Bach

Did you know that the oldest recorded variety of tea was discovered in China — by accident –when leaves blew into a cup of hot water being held by the Emperor of Yunnan Province? That was more than 3,500 years ago, and it led to the creation of Yunnan Black – the oldest tea known today.

Over the centuries, many countries have created rituals and ceremonies focusing on the beverage, which has added an aura of exoticism and mystery — heightening tea’s allure.  When you add to that the huge variety of tastes and types that can be grown in a wide assortment of climates and soils, plus the health benefits, you end up with a deeply fascinating drink.

In this presentation, tea expert and owner of Verdigris Tea shop, Kim Bach, will share her extensive knowledge of tea:  from its origin, to harvesting and import, to preparation and taste. She will include an overview of the many varieties of tea, a lesson in how to assess and analyze leaves – both dry and wet — and finally, tips on how to brew the leaves properly.