The Story of America in 12 Films

Marc Lapadula – Yale University

01/18/2020 10:00 am

The Story of America is a multi-layered narrative, weaving together the fabric of a diverse nation. This presentation will use the power of the cinema to reflect six complex themes that frame our country several of America’s major complex themes about itself. By screening remarkable and notable film clips from each of the categories outlined below, we will see how talented filmmakers have given us a composite sketch that outlines where we’ve been, where we are now, and perhaps where America might be heading in the future.

1. The American Dream – films: The Godfather (I&II) & Do The Right Thing

2. Coming of Age – films: The Graduate & Lady Bird

3. Social Justice – films: To Kill A Mockingbird & Norma Rae

4. War – films: – Saving Private Ryan & The Best Years Of Our Lives

5. On the Road – films: – Easy Rider & Thelma And Louise

6. The Underdog – films: – Hoosiers & Rocky