The Art of Aging

Brian Carpenter
Brian Carpenter
Washington University in St. Louis

Brian Carpenter is a professor of psychology at Washington University in St. Louis, and the recipient of their David Hadas Teaching Award. His primary research interests focus on relationships among older adults, their family members, and their health care providers. In particular, he studies communication among those three parties, with an eye toward developing interventions to improve knowledge and enhance health literacy. Dr. Carpenter teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate level that address the psychological needs of older adults, with a particular emphasis on end-of-life care and dementia.


Encore Presentation

(No Live Professor Q & A)

Due to a family emergency in Professor Brian Carpenter’s family last night, the class 
“Alzheimer’s Disease: What We Know and What We Don’t”
will be rescheduled to another date.
We apologize for such late notice 


No matter how old you are, you’re aging. You started aging from the moment you were born, and you’ll continue aging until the moment you die. That’s the brutal, universal fact. But people age differently, as you’ve noticed if you’ve looked around and compared yourself to your peers. Are you aging better than they are? Worse than they are? In what ways and for what reasons?

In this class we’ll review what biological, psychological, and social research has taught us about growing older. Along the way, we’ll discuss what’s common with aging (everybody shrinks a little), what’s not normal (Alzheimer’s is a disease not everyone gets), and key components of successful aging (friends and family are important, but perhaps in different ways). The trajectory of aging gets shaped very early in life, but there are powerful forces that guide it along the way, and steps you can take to maximize your later years.




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Doug Schallau

Prof Carpenter

This was one of the best 1DU presentations I have ever enjoyed. And I watch 3-4 a week. Great content, great presentation, sky high likability

5 days ago

Art of Aging

An excellent review. Thoughtful. Practical. Humorous. Informative. Many good “points to ponder”. Sincere appreciation.

5 days ago

The Art of Aging

Excellent lecture. So much good information. Can’t wait for his next one.

4 days ago
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