The Buzz About Bees: Why They’re Dying, and Why We Should Care

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Dr. Judy Wu-Smart is an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). She leads the UNL pollinator health program which seeks to understand the underlying stressors in bee health and their interactions with environmental toxicants. She also has taught beekeeping workshops and pesticide certification courses.


Have you heard the buzz about bees? Did you know that there are over 20,000 bee species worldwide — and a few thousand in North America? What is the difference between bees that are social vs. bees that are solitary? And why are our bees struggling to survive? Come learn about the complexity of bee behaviors and different life history traits that allow them to be our most efficient pollinators. Join Entomologist and Apicultural Specialist Dr. Judy Wu-Smart as she highlights the diversity of wild bees, talks about bee stressors, and discusses the importance of both wild and managed bees critical for sustaining agricultural food production and our natural ecosystems.



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