The Cinematic Genius of Steven Spielberg

Marc Lapadula – Yale University

No filmmaker in the history of cinema has been so successful across such a vast range of story genres for as many decades as Steven Spielberg. The most innovative and technically-dazzling visionary of his generation of movie directors, Spielberg has meticulously created a multi-faceted body of work that reveals an inspired artist and virtuoso craftsman obsessed with pushing the boundaries of his cinematic ambitions. From science fiction, fantasy, action-adventure and comedy to hard-edge dramas and searing war films, Spielberg has done it all, forging a distinguished career that showcases a filmmaker on top of his extraordinary talent for six decades.

Clips from DUEL, JAWS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, SCHINDLER’S LIST, E.T., SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and other Spielberg classics will be screened and discussed.