The Four Greatest Strategic Military Thinkers in History

Andrew Wilson – U.S. Naval War College

The Greatest Military Strategists & Tacticians

Military strategy and tactic matters. Civilizations with the greatest strategist, as well as the greatest resources—have had a powerful edge over competing civilizations. From Napoleon’s revolutionary campaigns to the way terrorism, and nuclear weaponry have defined the nature of warfare in the 21st century, the results of military strategy have changed the course of history.


Inside Look At The Greatest Military Strategist Of All Time

This class gives you an inside look at the historical context of the world’s greatest military and war strategists of all time. Taught by Professor Andrew R. Wilson, who serves on the faculty of the elite U.S. Naval War College, this lecture will transform you into a military thinker and will change the way you read newspaper headlines by instilling in you a new appreciation for the subtleties and complexities of strategy.


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