The Artistic Genius of Leonardo da Vinci

Denise Budd – Columbia University

SPECIAL ENCORE SUBSTITUTION:¬†Because of technical issues, we will not be showing today’s scheduled class, “The Renaissance: How and Why it Began”. Instead, we will be presenting a different take on the Renaissance era with Columbia Professor Denise Budd’s class, “The Artistic Genius of Leonardo da Vinci”. Professor Budd will be available to take your questions at the end of this lecture in a LIVE Q&A session.

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When considering artistic geniuses in the Italian Renaissance, the individuals who most commonly come to mind are the great triad of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. These three often contentious rivals have been categorized as Universal Men, gifted in many arts and areas of intellectual pursuit. However, it is Leonardo who is most often imagined in this multifaceted way, as artist, scientist, engineer, and musician. This course will discuss Leonardo’s career, examining several of his most canonical works, as well as considering his most ambitious plans that never came to fruition.