The Spice Trade: Food as a Driving Force of Global History

Cornell University


Why Was The Spice Trade So Important

The search for spices is one of the most important currents that has run through Global History. Yet spices have traditionally been written out of history after the Early Modern Age; it’s as if these rare but fragrant commodities ceased to interest historians, as other goods became more important in the narrative of evolving human connectivity. This unique and fascinating presentation will ask how North, South, East, and West were connected by these goods, and how this story changed over the centuries. The presentation also discuss how spices can still be seen to be important in our own world, especially in how we the world has gravitated towards a global society.


Learn More About The Space Trade & Why Spices Were So Valuable

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Thematic perspective

This lecture doesn’t just tell the facts. The presenter draws attention to the themes that play out through the history of the spice trade.

3 months ago
Susan Pace

Now I am going to back spice cookies to nibble with my coffee or tea!

I absolutely loved this historical (and worldwide) presentation. I will watch it agin with my daughter (and son-in-law) who are science professors!

3 days ago
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