The Story of America in Film - The Movies that Represent American Culture

Marc Lapadula – Yale University

The Best Movies About America

This ambitious movie presentation, The Story of America in Film, reflects the multi-faceted narrative of a diverse nation in all its thrilling, tumultuous, tragic and triumphant complexity. By utilizing six major themes in the categories listed below, talented filmmakers from different eras and unique artistic backgrounds and sensibilities form a genuine composite sketch of American Life — framing in sharp relief where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we, as a people and a country, might be heading in the future. The music soundtracks from each film will be showcased since film composers so often play a pivotal role in making a powerful cinematic experience so memorable.

The Most Influential Movies on American Culture

  1. The American Dream – films: The Godfather (I&II) & West Side Story
  2. Coming of Age – films: The Graduate & Lady Bird
  3. Social Justice – films: To Kill A Mockingbird & Do The Right Thing
  4. War – films: – Saving Private Ryan & The Best Years Of Our Lives
  5. On the Road – films: – Rain Man & Thelma And Louise
  6. The Underdog – films: – Hoosiers & Rocky

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