The Woodstock Music Festival: Fifty (one) Years Ago Today

Neil Ratner

The History Of The Woodstock Festival

In August 1969, half a million “hippies, beatniks, and long-hairs” descended upon upstate New York for the Woodstock music festival. The world was never quite the same.The festival is not only an icon of American musical history but of American history itself.  But as famous as this festival remains 51 years later, its story is widely misunderstood to this day.


The First Woodstock Festival

So how did the most famous music festival in history get misnomered? Who organized it, and what myths about that weekend were mere legend — and which were true? Woodstock icon “Rock Doc” Neil Ratner will fill us in on the complete, true story of what unfolded at the first Woodstock festival in upstate New York during that historic weekend.

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