What Children Read: A 2000 Year History from Aesop to Harry Potter

Seth Lerer – University of California at San Diego

The History Of Children’s Literature

Ever since children have learned to read, there has been children’s literature. Children’s Literature charts the makings of the Western literary imagination from Aesop’s fables to Mother Goose, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Peter Pan, from Where the Wild Things Are to Harry Potter.

Capturing the rich and diverse history of children’s literature in its full panorama, this extraordinary talk  reveals why J. R. R. Tolkien, Dr. Seuss, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Beatrix Potter, and many others, despite their divergent styles and subject matter, have all resonated with generations of readers. It’s is an exhilarating quest across centuries, continents, and genres to discover how, and why, we first fall in love with the written word.

Learn More About The History Of Children’s Books

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