What’s So Amazing About Birds?

Allison J. Shultz – USC

Encore Presentation

(Includes Live Professor Q & A!)

Birds have fascinated humans throughout history – even today in the United States alone, over 45 million people are bird-watchers. But what makes these feathered friends so interesting – that is, what makes a bird a bird, and how have they adapted to some of the most diverse regions around the world? How do birds sense the environment around them and how do they navigate the globe? Join ornithologist and curator Dr. Allison Shultz to delve into the biology of the over 10,000 species of modern-day dinosaurs that surround us – birds.


Discussion Questions:

  1. What species of birds have you seen lately? Have you noticed any changing trends in the birds that you see regularly, where you see them, or when you see them?
  1. Reflect on different areas that you have traveled to. Have you ever noticed any differences in the local bird communities in these different areas? You can think about differences in species, plumage colors, behaviors, or other life history differences. Why do you think these differences exist?
  1. What aspect of bird biology do you find the most interesting?