Why Fashion Matters

Katrina Orsini

Fashion is often dismissed as fleeting or shrugged off as frivolous. Anyone interested in living a fashionable life is labeled as vain or self-absorbed. But in fact, the fashion industry has far reaching impact and substantial consequences affecting our everyday lives. As a $3 trillion dollar global industry, fashion has moved well beyond its ancient source of survival necessities: warmth and protection. So, what does it mean now? And what is the future of this industry?

In this first-time-ever presentation, Katrina Orsini will address the history of clothing that is currently in vogue, what they mean, and where our favorite clothes will go from here. She’ll outline how we can use fashion trends and objects to read history and address how fashion has shaped our lives. You will come to understand why leading newspapers continue to run a style section, and why walk-in closets can substantially raise the value of a house!