Why Strategy Matters: How Powerful Brands Lose Their Way

Gregory Fairchild – UVA Darden School of Business

Effective Business Strategy & Companies That Failed Due To Poor Strategies

In this interactive session, Professor Fairchild will illustrate how unflinching clarity and deep understanding of your firm’s strategy is critical for everyone in your firm, not just those in the corporate suite. Using a Socratic method designed for high engagement, Fairchild will interweave state-of-the-art research findings with stories of leading firms that made missteps. These cautionary tales of leaders that “strayed from their lanes”, yet survived to compete again will make plain why careful strategy development is an unappreciated, yet critical requirement. These aren’t gossipy tales of corporations gone awry, but situations where smart managers made seemingly innocuous mistakes that could’ve been avoided.

By the close of the session, you will have learned how to evaluate, design, and execute a firm’s strategy using a deceptively simple set of tools You will have learned a great deal about the prime elements that lead to advantage, but you will also look at the challenge of strategic thinking differently. You will be able to apply these tools to actual competitive situations in your firm.

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