WWII: Surprising Stories You Never Learned in History Class

Robert Watson – Lynn University

Strange Stories Of WW2

World War II is arguably the most tragic episode in human history. The six year war began in Europe but soon spread to all corners of the globe with countless men, women, and children affected by the struggle. Millions were killed on the battlefield, in the air, and on the sea. And as everyone knows, an estimated 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazi’s in accordance with Hitler’s master plan to exterminate their entire race.

Strange Stories But True Stories of World War II

The chronology is well known, but during a war this complex and lengthy, there are many strange, surprising and sometimes shocking incidents that occurred that are less well known – especially during the final chaotic days of the conflict. During a war this complex and lengthy, there are dozens of shocking and strange incidents that occurred that are less notorious. From secret agreements that shaped the post war world, to extraordinary individuals, World War II threw up a series of surprises. This lecture will explore the desperate and bizarre actions of the Nazis at the end of the war and the challenges confronting the allies in rescuing Holocaust prisoners, as well as the difficulties historians face in uncovering and making sense of such strange stories and the role of government in declassifying war documents.

Want To Learn More Strange But True Stories Of WW2?

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