What is Emotional Intelligence?

Marc Brackett – Yale University

Emotions matter. They influence our thinking, decisions, relationships, health, and everyday effectiveness. The concept of emotional intelligence was developed in the 1990s to help people 'make sense' out of their emotional lives. Yet, today, even with hundreds of scholarly articles, popular books, and training programs on the topic, most people could not define emotional intelligence. In this highly interactive presentation, Professor Brackett will lead the audience through a brief history of the field, starting with the original, ability model of emotional intelligence developed at Yale.


Participants will then learn about the five key skills of emotional intelligence: recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing, and regulating emotion. Recent research on what emotional intelligence predicts about people's lives at home, school, and in the workplace will be discussed. He also will highlight Yale Center's evidence-based approach to teaching emotional intelligence, RULER, which is now widely adopted by hundreds of school systems and organizations around the world. Several practical tools and strategies that participants can use in their daily lives to enhance their own emotional intelligence will be provided.